Jeannie Williams

About The Artist

Jeannie's paintings have been on display in galleries, art centers, libraries, salons, and restaurants throughout the Twin Cities.  Her work has also been on display at The Rochester Contemporary Art Center in New York.  Her preferred medium is oil.  Her abstract expressionism has been praised as being emotionally driven, with a vibrant darkness.  Much of her older work dissects the deep desires of longing, infatuation, love, and loss by analyzing  human connections as they relate to needs and wants and the driving forces behind humanities lust for deep meaningful emotional connections to one another.  Her more recent pieces of abstract expressionism delve into the complexities of raw human emotion. She uses of color, color blending, texture and placement to release and infuse emotions onto her working piece. She strives to evoke a feeling, meaning and emotionally trigger the viewer with her use of color, texture and blending.

Jeannie has been tattooing since 2006.  She is a well rounded artist who is comfortable with many styles of tattooing.  She primarily prefers to tattoo classic American traditional style designs and large black and gray line art/dot work floral pieces. To set up an appointment visit her instagram page: Jeannie_Likes_Naps. or fill out anonline tattoo consulation form.  


Tattoos:  Jeannie_Likes_Naps  

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